MicroXP 0.82 Bulgarian Keyboard

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MicroXP 0.82 Bulgarian Keyboard

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If you ever ever need to install Bulgarian Keyboard on an MicroXP 0.82 (find it in the Web Archive ORG), here is how.
And if you ask why the F... ... well probably just as an experiment, i am currently playing with nested virtualisation, so i have a Chromebook on ARM, with Android inside, with Linux in it, with QEMU x86 and Win XP inside... i know it is sick :dancing: :mrgreen:

The problem was eXPerience had forgotten to register a lot of the KBD layouts, including Bulgarian, although the file was already there. So, thanks to ReactOS, (long live FOSS, amen) we have a solution, and a Phonetic keyboard as bonus. Just put the ddl-s in system32 and double-click the reg files. Then go to the keyboard settings and install the new BG keyboard layouts AS OTHER LANGUAGES! (it is some bug, will not work otherwise). For example i find the Zulu language very nice :pl: and installed my phonetic there.

p.s. i am now on yet another laptop without BG, and with a completely different layout, that is why i write in english, sorry.
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