[BUG?] Login/Post via Google Translate

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[BUG?] Login/Post via Google Translate

Мнение от teou » 16 дек 2014 18:28

As you know, although the forum is targeted primarily for Bulgarian users, English speaking users are welcome. In the forum footer i have integrated Google Translate Menu. Unfortunately, there seems to be some bug with this. If you try to login or post via automatic translate, you can be kicked out and forced to login again because the referrer session validation fails. This behavior is not constant - i personally cannot reproduce it reliably and in most of the cases everything works fine, but i see the problem in the admin logs.

My advice if you encounter this bug:
- report it to me
- login normally without Google. Change your user interface language to English via User Control Panel - Board Settings (See the pictures) and post in English, use Translate only for reading, preferably from another browser
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